Your body depends on you to keep it healthy and your nutrition plays a major role in overall health. Understanding the facts about why omega-3s are always a good idea is one of the first steps in supporting your health.

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    FACT: Some fats are good

    It is often said that Americans consume too much fat, but in the U.S. and other areas of the world, many people don’t eat enough good fat. Consuming omega-3s – good fats – are important for your health.

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    FACT: All omega-3s are not the same

    No doubt you’ve heard a lot about the benefits of omega-3s. But do you know that not all omega-3s are created equal? There are three main omega-3s – EPA, DHA and ALA – and each has distinct health benefits. EPA and DHA are the primary omega-3s you need, particularly to support heart health, and can be found in fatty fish and omega-3 supplements.

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    FACT: Your body cannot make all the nutrients it needs

    The human body does not produce significant amounts of EPA or DHA omega-3s on its own. Your body must get these important nutrients from food and the main dietary source is cold-water fatty fish. Unfortunately, the typical American diet includes far less EPA and DHA than what’s optimal.

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    FACT: Seafood is not the only way to get healthy omega-3s

    For those who do not consume significant amounts of fish on a regular basis there are high-quality omega-3 supplements on the market that can be found in the supplement aisle of grocery and health food stores – making it easy to add omega-3s to your daily diet.

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    FACT: There’s science supporting the benefits of omega-3s at all ages

    There's an amazing amount of science on omega-3s — more than 30,000 published studies, in fact. New groundbreaking science focused on the positive impact of omega-3s and many areas of health is published regularly. That means thousands of reasons why omega-3s are always a good idea.

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