Global Omega-3 Day Toolkit and Resources

Global Omega-3 Day™ is a day to call attention to EPA and DHA omega-3, share details about their important health benefits and highlight why people need to increase intake. As the day approaches, we have created content for you to share, so you can celebrate this important day with us!

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Sample Social Media Posts

Here are some sample captions you can use for your Global Omega-3 Day™ posts:

  • Did you know? Not all omega-3s are the same! EPA+DHA omega-3s are what’s needed for heart, brain, eye and prenatal health. Get these nutrients from fatty fish, marine microalgae and omega-3 supplements. Learn more #GlobalOmega3Day #AlwaysOmega3s #omega3 #DYK
  • Are you getting enough EPA+DHA omega-3s? Try this interactive quiz and see if you need more of these health-supporting nutrients! [link] #GlobalOmega3Day #AlwaysOmega3s
  • It’s #GlobalOmega3Day!! EPA+DHA omega-3s are in every cell of the body, but yet most people fall far short of what they need. Comment below with ONE thing you can do today to increase your EPA+DHA omega-3 levels. Need hints? Look here #AlwaysOmega3s
  • To keep your omega-3 levels steady, consider taking a daily supplement. Fish, krill and algal oil are top sources of omega-3 supplements. Which one is the best? The one you enjoy and will take daily! #GlobalOmega3Day #AlwaysOmega3s
  • Need to brush up on your omega-3 knowledge? Start here, with some #FAQs [link] #GlobalOmega3Day #AlwaysOmega3s

Here are some posts from @AlwaysOmega3s you can download and re-share on your social media platforms:

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Global Omega-3 Day post Countdown to Global Omega-3 Day post

Heart health post Brain health post

Prenatal health post

Eye health Eye health

Did you know: Algae-based omega-3 supplements Did you know: How to find the actual amount of EPA and DHA omega-3 on a supplement bottle

Five things to look for on an omega-3 supplement label
FAQ: What is the difference between omega-3 and omega-6 fats?

FAQ: Is sushi a good way to get omega-3s? FAQ: When is the best time to take omega-3 supplements?

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Take inspiration from our website

We have tons of other resources on this website that you can use to promote EPA and DHA Omega-3s, so please feel free to look around. We have highlighted a few for you here:

  • Check out our infographics.
  • Take a quiz to see if you're getting enough omega-3s.
  • Watch and share these videos on how EPA and DHA omega-3s support heart, brain, eye and prenatal health.
  • Find EPA and DHA omega-3 products you can trust here.
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