Make a change today to support your overall health

Omega-3s and specifically EPA and DHA omega-3s are involved in the structure and function of cells in your body – from your head to your toes. Build on a healthy lifestyle by increasing the amount of omega-3s you consume each day.

Now that you are armed with the facts about omega-3s, be sure to make at least one change today that will help to increase the level of omega-3s in your body.

Commit to making a change today – it’s easy.  And, remember omega-3s are always a good idea for your heart, brain and eyes.

  • Be in the know and get your omega-3 levels tested
  • Swap out fried fish sticks for fresh salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring or sardines
  • Add omega-3 supplements to your daily routine – be sure to look for high-quality fish oil, algal oil or krill oil supplements in your local grocery or health food store
  • Talk with your health care practitioner about the best omega-3 supplements to add to your diet
  • Share this information with a friend who needs to learn the facts about omega-3s