Omega-3s & eye health

eye health

It is no surprise that many Americans believe carrots are the best food to eat for eye health. While carrots do provide important essential vitamins to support eye health, there is a growing body of science showing the benefits of EPA and DHA omega-3s. So move over carrots — fish and omega-3 supplements can help promote infant visual development and eye health in the general population throughout the lifecycle.

Omega-3s at work in the eye

Omega-3s play an essential role in eye health, as the body’s highest concentration of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA is found in the retina of the eye. High DHA concentrations are required by cells that allow you to see under different lighting conditions.

Infant visual development

Omega-3s play an important role in eye health and specifically infant eye development. DHA omega-3 is a major structural fat in the retina of the eye and it plays an important role in  infant visual development. The following health claims in the European Union reflect the strong scientific evidence in this area: "DHA intake contributes to the normal visual development of infants up to 12 months of age" and "DHA maternal intake contributes to the normal development of the eye of the foetus and breastfed infants."

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