Fact: There are plenty of ways to get your omega-3s

For those who do not consume significant amounts of fatty fish on a regular basis, there are high-quality omega-3 supplements and fortified foods and beverages on the market that can be found in grocery and health food stores – making it easy to add omega-3s to your daily diet.

Good sources of omega-3s

The most common sources of EPA and DHA omega-3s are cold-water fatty fish and omega-3 supplements. It is a common misconception that fish are the original sources of omega-3s. It is actually the microalgae in the fish food chain that make fish rich in EPA and DHA.

If you do not consume significant amounts of fatty fish on a regular basis due to dietary preferences or a vegetarian lifestyle, there are omega-3 supplements on the market that are made from fish, krill and vegetarian marine algae. To make it even easier to add heart-healthy omega-3s to your diet, there are now foods and beverages fortified with EPA and DHA. Look in the dairy, bread and juice aisles of your local supermarket for products with added EPA and DHA.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, omega-3-rich fish, omega-3 supplements and EPA and DHA-fortified foods and beverages may help you maintain healthy blood pressure, support healthy triglyceride levels and manage your risk of heart disease.

Explore good sources


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Fortified Foods

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